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Sep. 14th, 2017 08:55 pm
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 The morning after, I called my mom. there was no way I was taking Jack to school after that night (and he'd had a fever too so technically wasn't supposed to go anyway) he was still coughing and lethargic. Unfortunately, I couldn't take him to my mom's group either. It was the first official meeting of the new year. I had nursery lined up for James and was taking Rosemary with me, but nowhere to put Jack. My mom was happy to let me drop Jack off at her house on my way to the church and she pampered him all morning at her house. 

After the meeting I left James at her house  to nap while I took Jack to the pediatrician, who gave us some recommendations for helping his asthma. I also called his allergist who made more recommendations. Jack was not to go outside at all over the weekend. He was to have his rescue inhaler every four hours during the day, and he was not to walk to school for at least a week. We did as they said, but he was still coughing and not feeling well. 

On Monday we went to the allergy doctor. Gunnar was off work so it was just me, Jack, and Rosemary. Since it was a last minute appointment we had to wait over an hour to be seen, but I'm glad that we went. The doctor did a lung test and gave him a nebulizer treatment that seemed to work really well--the next day he was much better and returned to school. Before we went to class I stopped at the nurse's office to give her his updated medical forms and instructions for managing his asthma at school. The allergy doctor wanted him to use his inhaler in the middle of the day and sit out of P.E. for a full week. She was, thankfully, knowledgeable and very nice and accommodating. Then I walked Jack over to his classroom and popped in to update the teacher and tell her that he needed to go to the nurse at 11:30 for his inhaler. She was...annoyed? I had sent her two emails over the weekend letting her know what was up, but hadn't had time the night before to give the final instructions. "I'll try and remember." she said, grabbing a sticky note.  I was appropriately apologetic for interrupting her in the morning and thankful that she was looking out for my child's health, but part of me seethed at how nonchalant she was about it. Asthma attacks can KILL CHILDREN. His lungs aren't recovered from the previous attack. Whatever. I brushed if off. 

Thankfully, he was fine that day. The coughing, over the past week has gotten less and less, though I do notice it reappear when it's close to time for his next dose of rescue inhaler. 

When he's all healed, we'll start him on another round of immunotherapy shots in addition to his fire ant shots--all the pollen allergies. UGH. 

Not only has this been stressful and scary, but it's expensive. Doctor visit copays and medicines have added up to several hundred dollars this month. And that's just one kid with a relatively minor medical problem! 

Anyway. I'm sure that there was more I was going to say about this, but I started this post over a week ago and now I can't remember what. He's doing much better now, so that's good, but still a bit with the cough and the tiredness. I'm watching him like a fucking helicopter mom right now though, at least until his lungs are back up to their normal working order. 


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